Dictionary of Old English A - G on CD-ROM

Fascicle G and Fascicles A to F (with revisions)

1 CD-ROM. ISBN 978-0-88844-930-6

Order from the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies (PIMS)

The publication of the eighth fascicle of the Dictionary of Old English represents a major technological advance. The Dictionary of Old English: A to G on CD-ROM is an electronic version of the first eight letters of the Old English alphabet. It includes the first release of the letter G, containing some 1,319 headwords, as well as revised versions of the seven previously published fascicles (1986-2004).


For enhanced capability, the headwords are presented in three formats on the CD-ROM: HTML, SGML and XML. In addition to making use of Internet Explorer for the display for DOEsearch, the project has developed a powerful but easy-to-use search engine for the HTML version. A user can search the Dictionary not only by headword, but also by any of the ten fields that make up a Dictionary entry. Readers can search on grammatical class, on dialect tags, on elements of headwords, on specific spellings, on variant spellings through regular expression searches, on Latin lemmas and so on. For example, scholars interested in poetic vocabulary can search for those words by keying in the phrase 'in poetry' in the OCCURRENCE field. Others interested in the formation of compounds can now discover all the words ending in the feminine suffix -estre simply by entering 'estre$' in the HEADWORD field. A search on the field labelled LATIN EQUIVALENT will be of particular use to Anglo-Latinists.

There is also a system of hot links in the Dictionary whereby a click on a cross-reference will take the reader directly to the referred entry or a click on a sense in the schema of a long entry will take the reader directly to the corresponding definition. Other links provide full bibliographic references for each of the texts cited within an entry.

In all, the electronic Dictionary of Old English: A to G is a reference tool the capabilities of which provide the user with a multitude of approaches to an extensive body of text, allowing for new research into the beginnings of the English language.

System requirements

* Administrator rights are required to install DOEsearch on Windows® NT/2000/XP/Vista


The demo version can be downloaded here.

The demo version includes:

With the demo version, you can test if your version of Windows can run this application as well as test the search functions using the information within the 100 G words. Be aware that pages not included in this demo version will display a "Cannot display" or "Page not found" message.